Benefits of Vaping Electronic Cigarettes over Smoking Tobacco

Benefits of Vaping over Smoking

An e-cigarette is an electronic device that provides nicotine infused water vapor in order to simulate the process of smoking. Vaping is a term generally associated with inhaling e-cigarettes in vaporized form. Vaping is increasingly becoming popular among smokers who wish to feed their addiction without compromising the act of smoking itself. Unlike normal cigarettes, this e-cigarette does not contain tobacco content and nothing burns. But it still simulates smoke; thus giving the effect of smoking actual cigarette. These cigarettes contain a mixture of flavoring, certain amount of nicotine, and an organic chemical propylene glycol. Many household products and inhalers for asthma patients also contain propylene glycol as the main component.

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Vaping is a relatively new technique and hence the subject of vaping is quite controversial. There is no scientific evidence or proven research record yet that shows the long term effects of using e-cigarettes. But there are some glaringly visible benefits of vaping for those who want to end their tobacco consumption by switching to nicotine. There are a myriad health benefits that it offers for both the smokers and for those around them. Vaping helps a person escape the ill effect of at least 4000 chemicals, carcinogens, carbon monoxide, and other by-products that come from smoking a real cigarette. These e-cigarettes are either completely odorless or flavored and hence vaping does not cause problem to those around you. Additionally, smokers have the option to vape even at public places, and other such places where smoking is banned. One of the biggest advantages of vaping over smoking is its cost effectiveness. E-cigarettes are far way cheaper than the real cigarettes and hence vaping can effectively cut down the expenditure of the smoker by at least 75%.

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With a few exceptions, electronic cigarettes are legal to be used inside almost all countries and states.. E-cigarettes are available with varying nicotine levels to cater to the requirements of light to heavy smokers. The topic of using e-cigarettes instead of ceasing to smoke is debatable and a topic concern for health professionals across the world. Obviously, the best thing would be to quit any type of smoking altogether. But if that is too tough for you, then taking into account all the benefits it provides vaping seems to be a good option. Learn more about smokeless cigarette at


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